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  • Friday, June 12, 2009

    Original Writings

    I was suppose to study for my French oral examination, but it seems that I don't feel like it, Prancis macam najis la... =/

    Before the idea to create a new label 'Original Writings', I was finishing up my term 5 flash back, but I felt the inspiration was dried up.

    I don't wan to update something that I did not do it with my full effort, especially a term flash back post, because I really put in deep thought for each terms flash back post.

    Anyway, the reason I decided to create a new label on my blog, is to plow the ground for my to expend my creativity in writing.

    This label will feature my own self written rhymes, poem, quotes and etc.


    Now, with that line drawn, I'm going to post up something I wrote yesterday.

    My 1st its going to be a 3 stanza, 3 line each rhyme.

    Its inspired by: 'disclosed information' =3

    A message with a thousand misses,
    Sealed together with many kisses,
    Hope, please don’t shatter into pieces.

    You are driving me up the wall,
    Just wanna give you a phone call,
    Hold your hand and walk in the mall.

    Would this work out? I think it might,
    Many nights I could not sleep tight,
    Wishing this dream would take flight.

    What do you think? Comments are of course most welcome, and please, negative comments also(if any), so I can improve my writing skills.

    P/S: To a person whom can write a good story, you know who you are, don't ever stop writing, I am still waiting for your other stories! Remember if we want to move those mountains, we have to start digging them from the bottom, never let life or other stuff make you too busy for your dream, you are not alone. ^^

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