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  • Monday, June 15, 2009


    Note: Load the video at the bottom and pause it if you may, then you can watch it once you read finish my description. :)

    I had watch many films for so many years, short and long, from good ones to sucky one to weird ones and ones which I had no clue what they are showing at all.

    On Friday, a friend of mine showed me a video clip on Youtube.

    It appears to be a movie trailer.

    I watched that trailer.

    It totally blew me off the chair!

    I mean, how can anyone think of such creative ways of producing a film?

    Really it changed my perspective on film making.

    From the movie title itself, to the characters and script(watch the trailer!).

    Gosh, I just cant find words to describe the awesomeness of the film.

    Just by watching that trailer alone, I would give it a 10/10!


    Here is my explanation.

    The title of the movie is 'Cin(T)a', this is a story of a love triangle between 3 characters - Cina (the boy), Annisa (the girl), and Tuhan (God).

    Notice the 1st and last letter of the title, 'C' - the boy, 'A' Annisa and the '(T)' - God.

    The name of 3 characters encrypted in the title itself! And the entire title means 'love'! How creative can it get?!

    Just talking about it amazes me!

    I especially love the character description they wrote about 'God' on their official website.

    "Is the most unpredictable character. Everybody tries to describe Him. Everybody thought they knew Him. Every art tried to figure Him. But nothing is really like Him...or Her"

    My words are limited, why not you guys watch and judge it yourself. :)

    Sit back and enjoy!

    A truly inspiring piece of art!

    For all media/mass com/film students, or for anyone who have strong passion is film. I strongly suggest, this is a must watch movie!

    Sadly, due to its controversial nature, the film is only available in the UK for now, I'll be waiting for it to come on South East Asian shores!

    Rumors said, in the month of August, it will be launch in Indonesia, however, there is no news if its going to be launch in Malaysia or Singapore. :(

    Till then, I'll further blog about it when I get latest info! ;)

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    Adrian said...

    YEAH. Can't wait for it