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  • Thursday, May 21, 2009

    When Nature Calls

    This is gonna be a short post for the day, don't mind the nonsense. :)

    Have anyone of you ever get yourself into situation where you really "have to go"?

    Believe me when I say I do.

    In fact I have many stories of how I always manage to survive from "the great release".

    From leaving my friend in the car and running off to somewhere, and the police came asking "where is the driver?"

    To cycle back from school during school hours because the toilet in my high school are just so screwed up,

    Also, going few kilometers away just to find a nice toilet when I have one near me.

    You name it, I've done it.

    Call me the freak of nature, but ask yourself if you do not have any somewhat different preference. :)

    So one day, I was walking somewhere near my place.

    Suddenly, I ain't feeling very well, I thought it was the food I ate just now.

    A sign that I have to go to the WC~ But where???

    How in the world am I suppose to find a WC in the middle of no where??

    I walked and walked, I saw a place, and an idea came into my head!

    Guard: "What is the purpose of your visit?"

    Me: "Err.."

    Guard: "Oh I know, visit your teacher?"

    Me: "Ehm.. Yeah?"

    And again~ I've done it!

    Another survival episode~

    There is a saying, "desperate times calls for desperate measures!" :)


    chLoe said...

    HAHAHAHA!!! *salute*
    mana u get the tag from?

    Andrew.C said...

    OH MY GOD! SERIOUSLY?!?! hahahahahahhahahaha.....

    You made my day la.

    Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

    respect man...*
    best ive done only goin kommando at a beach! this is a diff level...

    SHINGYEE said...

    LOL.. you did wad?!!! hahah.. serious ar you cycle back from school just to go toilet? hahahhaha

    - c H i E n - said...

    Woah, I am really surprised...well, that guard made a good lie for you! =D