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  • Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Little Request From A Friend

    Last Sunday...

    *As Melvin was about to jump into bed*

    *SMS tone*

    *Melvin looked at the message*

    "Melvin, Joanne here, can you do me a big big big favor, I'm afraid that when me and my friends arrive at Pudu Raya, there would not be any taxi because of the time, if is not too much of a request, can I ask you to take us back to Ridzuan please? But if you are not able to, is alright, I understand."

    Thus, the journey begins.

    Upon receiving that distress call.

    Imagine 3 ladies arriving at Pudu Raya in the wee hours of the night with chances of no taxi stationed there and no one else they know were there to pick them up.

    A perfect target for those lurking buggers preying upon the unarmed.

    I couldn't help but to jump in and offer my hand even though I had class next morning at 9am.

    Well, if I could have stayed up till so late and play game learn up my French, and at that appointed time, she choose to message me instead of others.

    That must be a very important and urgent.

    Its Pudu Raya some more! One of the most notorious place in Malaysia I tell you... Lots of baddies and funny people there... (I've experience the funny people, but not the baddies)

    So, a little kick start to the engine in the cozy breeze of the midnight air.

    I'm set and good to go.

    But..... I cant remember 100% how to get myself to Pudu Raya...

    Thanks to my previous training at Desserts Bar Menara Hap Seng, I manage to find my way there.

    I was there just a few minute earlier then Joanne's bus.

    I sat down at the mamak near Pudu Raya, with my car illegally parked in front of me.

    I cant help but to admire the sights and sound of KL skyline.

    I kept silence and just observe/listen to the people, vehicle and those pretty lights.

    KL at night is very different from the day, I love KL with the absence of the sun. :)

    I felt peace even though I was at the center of a somewhat evil place.

    The experience is just very different, observing from inside a moving car is never the same as sitting outside in the mamak.

    I cant explain in words man, you just had to get up and get out there to see for yourselves! And guys, go alone, because going in a group is just very distracting sometimes.

    But girls... Be smart la.. :P

    Finally the arrival of my friend broke me out from my gazing.

    I sent them back to Ridzuan, they arrive safely in one piece.

    This little "rescue mission" did not return to me void, I'm sure I had gain a new experience from it. :)

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