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  • Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    This Is The Secrete

    Note: This post will be blogged in a mixture of 2 different language, because its dedicated to the one whom left us so suddenly...

    Not die and go to heaven la! Just left a few thousand kilometers away.


    Cici Yunny,

    Kayaknya kita udah kenalin kira-kira 1 taon gitu lho, ak masi ingat kali pertama masuk komsel mu di Ridzuan, rasanya beda banget dari gereja lama ku, you and the others welcomed me.

    As time passed, days became weeks and little did we realize, weeks turned into months, certainly I've got to know you a whole lot better.

    Lo tau gak, actually ak belajar banyak dari kamu, well if you din know, now u know. :P

    And here is the secrete you are dying to know. XD

    Nothing juicy really, but it is simply what I wana say.

    Kamu banyak ngajarin kita, just like a big sister to us all, and there were few things that caused a lasting impact on the way I think and do stuff today.

    I learned your way of being flexible, kapan waktu ak gak ada mobil dulu, you would sacrifice your time, energy and fuel just to come all the way from Sunway to Subang and take us back to Sunway again.

    Ak tau itu satu pengorbanan yang besar buat kamu, especially during the fuel price hike season last year, ak jadi lebih ngerti waktu udah mulai jemput anak-anak komsel.

    Memang ada rasa kesel sedikit kalo harus nungguin lama buat orang yang lambat turun ke bawah, meski, kamu gak ngomel ato apa waktu ak pula yang lambat turun ke bawah.

    Justru, ak janji pada diri ku sendiri, that I will not complain(maybe lepas geram a bit la. :P).
    Because of what you have done for us, by setting an example.

    Its Wednesday today, and I've received a message from Kelvin reminding us about komsel on Friday night.

    It reminds me of the times where you would notify us.

    Sometimes we forgot to reply, and sometimes we never reply at all.

    Now we wanna reply, got no chance already... :(

    I still wonder am I dreaming that you had even left Malaysia... Everything happened so sudden, my mind cant comprehend it, still believing that you are here sometimes.

    I mean, you just shifted to a new house and went through a job interview, everything was looking good, but the next thing we knew, you are going back to your home country.

    Life is just hard to predict and it sucks bad when things turned out to seem bad.

    But the reality is still, you had left us for almost 3 days already..

    I believe everything happened for a reason, I'm sure there is a bigger picture in plan as to why you had to go back to Jakarta.

    Don't worry about us here, we will definitely do our best and keep moving forward.

    Jangan sampe lupa kita di sini ya.

    Kita semua pasti kangen kamu.

    If I do come by Jakarta one day, ak pasti carrin kamu!

    Take good care of yourselves, and come back to visit us if you can!

    See you in the near future Yunny... :)



    chLoe said...

    u r damn good at bahasa indonesia. what happened to ur bahasa malaysia? har?


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