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  • Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Yet Another Departed To A Place Far Away

    I was at my friend's place(Edu & Chris) just few minutes ago.

    *phone rang*

    The conversation between Edu and his other friend was obviously about something shocking which took place somewhere.

    When he was done talking, he turned to both me and Chris,

    "Someone jumped down from 'Suria Mas condo', lets go see!"

    Being a typical Malaysian and Indonesian, the 3 of us left the house and went to the location.

    Normally 'Suria Mas' is a very well guarded residential area, even if you walk in, we have to register ourselves at the guard house.

    But this time, the guards did not even notice we walked in, too stunned by the incident I guess.

    I don't know should I say we are lucky or unlucky, as soon as we walked in the compound, a police jeep was heading towards our direction.

    When we turned back and look...

    Shit! The guy was in the body bag... But covered up..

    A sudden chill went down my spine.

    We continue to walk towards the death location and meet up with Edu's friend.

    I saw the deceased guy's friend was there, in a state of shock, and emotions uncontrolled,

    1 second he was walking forward, and another second he wail and turned back, at the same time he places both his hands on his head, like having a head pain.

    His other friends got to hold him back... Disgusted by what he has witnessed, he was about to throw up.

    All of us did not went to the exact location, maybe we don't dare to see the horror of the "left overs" there.

    I don't know about the others who are there, even though I wasn't near, I could smell blood from the location where I was standing, I asked Edu if he smelled it too, but he said no..

    Come to think of it... We are not that "gang ho" after all... We normally think that "oh got show to see", but when we are actually there, we don't even dare to go near the actual location.

    Personally, although I'm not scared of blood, but believe me, when you actually smell the stench of a dead human blood in the air, not knowing where it came from...

    You mind will begin to imagine things.. The eerie feeling never fail to creep into us..

    I feel sorry for the guy.. For whatever reason he jumped, I'll never know...

    May his soul rest in peace..

    *Incident took place on the 8th of April 11.15pm +- at 'Suria Mas' block B(I think)*

    p/s: No photographs were taken by me during this incident, in respect for the people around and also because we did not have the balls to go near the death location.


    Anonymous said...

    he didnt commit suicide.
    please check ur information properly before posting about smtg as sensitive as this.

    Anonymous said...


    Bathsheba Shema Baggai said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    SHINGYEE said...

    Well, I don't know why did the guy jump, did he suicide or not... I hope not..
    Reading this post makes me tear la bro.. =(
    My aunt died the same way two years back, and no one knew if she commited suicide or not... T__T
    Gosh, reading your post makes me miss her alot..

    Anonymous said...

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

    Anonymous said...

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