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  • Monday, April 13, 2009

    I'm Gona Go On A Holiday! Soon.......

    Whats On My Mind:

    My apologies for the lack of information regarding my previous post,
    You got to understand, I just got home FRESH from the incident, and did not
    know anything about it, nor there were any press release yet,
    I wrote what I saw and heard not trying to assume and conclude anything.
    I hope you guys understand. :)

    Anyway, after all the comments and rumors I've heard, I decided to check The Star
    Online to confirm all of these doubts.


    My condolence to his family and friends, I'm sorry this terrible accident happened,
    may his soul rest in peace...

    One fine morning, my mum told me she will be leaving for Bangkok in the month of September for holiday.

    I was excited!


    She will be leaving in the beginning of the month... During that period of time, I have classes........ Some more can tell it right in front of my face as if it was a joke......

    Nothing can potong more steam then that!

    I mean.. What the heck man???

    Going on vacation without me AGAIN? Last year Thailand, this year also Thailand, and both times without me also...

    Darn my soul demands justice!

    I began thinking and thinking...

    Suddenly a revelation came upon my little mind, I felt enlightened!

    Such an awesome plan could never not be successful.

    I asked my mum today,

    "Since you are going to Thailand, I actually wan to go also, but sadly I cant because of class, why not like this la, you let me go on holiday to another country?"

    Can anyone tell me if they had ever seen
    'Bakso' with blue noodles before??
    I really wana know is it authentic or just me
    eating some colored noodle.... =/

    She said only one thing, "if your passport is not yet expire, then alright."

    The thought of my passport expiring soon chokes me from the little hope I have...

    I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that the 6 month early notice doesn't fall on the traveling month.

    One I reached home, I could barely even catch my breath running up the stairs.

    I rushed to my room and took out my passport, and....

    27th May 2010!!!


    Confirmation acquired!

    Setting course!

    Undergoing pre-departure planning!

    The 'City of Flower' - Bandung, here I come!!!! :D

    September baby~ Soon, very soon! All the cheap branded goods, you are mine! =3

    1 comment:

    -ay4- said...

    hey..!! congratz with ur freedom of vacation...!! hahahaha
    finally, u could go bandung, huh??

    anyway, let's go sing frst..!! hahahahahaha
    i wanna go vacation also, man..!!
    im totally freak out with all this things... T.T

    anyway, when ll u go bandung???