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  • Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Left 4 Laughter

    As I continue to prepare for the end of term 5 blog post.

    I would not wanna bored the heck out of you guys whom had been faithfully dropping by my blog despite my lack of update these days.

    My apologies for that part.

    Anyway, the agenda for today is I'm going to share 2 videos to you guys.

    Especially for you gamers!

    This is a must watch video.

    How many of you guys heard of the game 'Left 4 Dead'? It is a rising phenomena, guys and even girl alike, all play it in the name of boredom.

    Nevertheless, the 2 video that I'm about to show you guys, is just for laugh.

    Enjoy~ ;)

    Watch the above one 1st then only the below one.


    But she's sooooo COOL!


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