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  • Monday, March 23, 2009

    Final Hour To End of Term 5

    *Melvin holds up his notes and start to read it*

    10 minutes later


    This time round, for some reason I'm not worried if I would past the final assessment or not.

    But I am fearful if I do not score and maintain my grades well.

    My target is 14.5 - 15/20 and above global average.

    Call me nerdy or whatever, but this time round, I have that bad feeling in my gut, if I don't score well, I feel it spells trouble to me.

    I so hate this bad feeling in my gut, it literally hurts when I sense something bad.

    The bad thing will surely happen if I don't follow what my gut say.

    Its like 6 sense... but sense through stomach pain... How vain can that be?

    But today was good.

    I expect the paper to be freaking hard, but it turned out to be well, except English paper, its not hard, but just plain annoying to do....

    I'm glad and thankful that the last minute study time wasn't put to waste.

    Day 1 down, 1 more day to go.

    Hence our term 5 will come to an end!

    I'll be preparing for the term 5 flash back post.

    Traditionally done once every term ends, a time of reflection on the good and bad stuff.

    And the moment all DH 28 FB students was waiting for, the food promo video!

    My video camera has been fix, once I get it back, I'll work on the video presentation.

    I got to go study now, will update again soon!

    Take care!

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