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  • Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Thinking Ahead

    So the new year has begun, whats ahead for us this year?

    365 days may seem a very long time to some, yet short for others.

    I meet with an old friend when I was in Jakarta few weeks ago.

    It was great catching up with him and learning how the other people that were in his social circle last time are doing now.

    Reality reminded me again that, "hey man, you are gonna graduate in 1.5 year! what now?" during the time we were catching up.

    Knowing that one became a captain in a restaurant, one doing freelance pastry supplying, one became an event promoter,

    One took over his father's business, one became a cook in hotel and one in a Japanese restaurant.

    Each of them took their own path.

    There I am, sitting down there listening to all the stories, kinda makes me feel like a total noob.

    Have any of you get that kind of feeling before?

    You wanna do something in life but still you cannot do anything and knowing if you do, there will be major risks involved.

    I hope this new year will be a year that I can do something really useful and memorable.

    Till then, I wish you guys will have a great 1 year journey ahead!


    JanuskieZ said...

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    -ay4- said...

    hey melvin, long time didnt see u..
    I just read through ur blog. Hmmm, such a nice trip huh? U went to Jakarta and met up with some friends? Tats good. Did you go Bandung, then?
    Keep it up, bro. I knew you can do something better for this year. You know when you have an effort, you can do it well.. Good luck.. :)