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  • Monday, January 11, 2010

    Project E.A - Economical Abundance

    Alright, new year new goals.

    I have to say though I'm thinking ahead a lot lately.

    Still, I'm excited for 2010!

    Many things can happen in 365 days, sometimes we cant help but to be down and sad.

    Absolute Beauty of Kawah Puteh - White Crater

    Instead of drowning counting the days we have to live through sadly.

    There is an equal amount of days for us to be happy and try our best to live it all out.

    Like the U.S Navy motto, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!"

    After much pondering, I realize my problem last year was I am always short of cash, plans never came to pass because of the lack of funds.

    With ma lady host

    This year, I promise I'm not going to be in the same shit hole.

    I'm gonna save up some of the cash while put some into good use.

    2 things I must do this year with the money I saved,

    Absolute Beauty

    1st, to get myself a new phone. My old W810i has served me well, its showing sign of old age by turning off automatically and having distorting my received SMS.

    2nd, go to another foreign country for at less 5 days.

    3rd, God willing, to get a DSLR Camera.

    Kebun Teh somewhere in the mountain area of Bandung

    Now I shall go get some motivation by opening my empty piggy bank.

    So whats your 2010 gonna be like? :)

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