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  • Monday, January 18, 2010

    After Sunrise

    Today was a fateful day.

    I thought that getting up early morning with a head pain was bad.

    But what I had to faced in school was evermore "exciting".

    I do not wanna go into detail about what happen, but you can ask me about it face to face.

    The bottom line is, I became the class representative and I am no longer 'single' due to a "exclusive service scandal". :(

    Darn man, now how la I going to get a girlfriend now? :(

    Gee... Thank YOU guys...

    Clowning around in Sheraton Bandung

    All in all, things seem to be fine, though the new campus isn't that convenient, but I think we will get used to it soon.

    After today, I'm feeling that this term will go quite well, still keeping my fingers crossed though.

    Till then, I'm off to bed so I wont get a head pain tomorrow morning.

    Take care~ ;)


    Anonymous said...

    By the way, try GSM blocker to disable all secret devices in your room or office.

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