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  • Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    An Incomplete Plan

    Its a joy for me to announce this! *keeping fingers cross*

    From the 7th - 15th of December, I will get my arse on the plane and fly myself to Jakarta, Indonesia.

    If you guys have any words of advice, please do tell me! Really appreciate it, thank you! ;)

    Jakarta at night..

    The date might be clanged if there are any problems during the planning.

    Actually the plan is not to visit Jakarta only, the main idea is to visit Bali Island.


    There will be 2 other friends of mine whom will joining me at this point of time, I shall not review who they are now, because the plan is not solid yet.

    Anyway, our journey will be a really rough one, due to the inability to splash money like water,

    I have searched Air Asia for other alternative instead of a direct flight to Bali which cost around RM 660 to & return.

    Tanah Lot, Bali

    I came to a conclusion, and its the best I can get for now:

    1. Flight from KL to Jakarta(RM192.50), stay a night or 2.
    2. Take bus from Jakarta to Bandung, stay a night or 2.
    3. Take bus from Bandung to Surabaya, change to ferry and cross over to Bali Island.
    4. Take ferry from Bali back to Surabaya, taxi to airport and fly back to KL(RM270).

    Tada! Master plan!

    Sura & Buaya, that is how
    Surabaya city got its name..

    But there are always room for unexpected events.. I just hope that things will go well..

    Hmm.. There is something I find quite funny, I told a friend of mine from Jakarta that this was my plan.

    National monument

    She naturally assumed that maybe my local friend there will be bringing me around, but that wasn't the case.

    Her facial expression changed.. As if I just told her something shocking..

    Kelimutu Lakes, Flores

    She then wished me "semoga kamu bisa pulang ke Malaysia dengan selamat"(hope you will return to Malaysian in one piece)...

    I was confused, so I asked.. And apperently Jakarta ain't quite a safe city to travel in(thats what they say).

    I mean how bad can it be?


    Lucky for me, she told me to confirm the date with her, when I will be there and how long will I be there, and she will arrange her friends or someone to bring us around during our visitation.

    Its still under planning.. :)

    Really, I'm looking forward for this trip, its gona be one heck of an experience, and most importantly, got stories to tell when I come back! :D

    Sunset at Kuta

    Last but not less, I found this comment somewhere in the net.

    "In Jakarta, crime can happen almost anywhere. One of the most common places to get robbed would be the public transportation. Be very careful of what you show people when you are in public. Keep your eye on your stuff! If the crew takes your luggage, make sure you can watch the luggage compartment or at least be sure nobody can get to it. Pickpockets are also common in buses. Hijackers (sometimes a gang of high school students!) can sometimes take over the bus. Bus terminals are usually full of people and can be a problem as well. If you decide to use public buses, don't flaunt your wealth (or anything someone may want to take: cameras, expensive sunglasses, cellphones etc)"

    View of Jakarta at night

    Darn sure I'll look forward for this trip.

    Hijacking our parents car consider very big balls already.

    Imagine us hijacking RapidKL busses! Hahahaha!

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