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  • Sunday, May 20, 2007

    Arcade Ownage

    Here is a little something for me to brag about today.

    I had been going arcade often since higher secondary school days.

    Unlike majority people, me and my friend SK only played one particular game in the entire arcade center.

    Its time to save the world!

    Friends always asked me to play the oh-so-famous Daytona USA, I decline every time, but out of courtesy sake,

    I always ended up on the driver seat and getting my ass pwned by taking up the "glorious" last place.

    Its because I sucked don't know how to play and I never liked racing games other then 'Need For Speed' and 'Crash Bandicoot'.

    Anyway, here are some screen shots of Time Crisis 3, mind the blurry picture.

    The ever immortal 'Wild Fang' & 'Wild Dog' since TC 1, can't they just die?!

    Unfortunately the arcade machine was abused badly over the years, they did repair it, but it just gotten worst over time.

    Idiots knocked the gun when they lost a life. -.-

    So here are somethings we had to bare with during the game.

    Player one's handicap: Need to wait split second after firing a shot before it makes contact with the target.

    Player two's handicap: Blardy "hide and appear" paddle cant work sometimes.

    My trusty player two gun, been using it over the years.

    Now, here are our over all score.

    SK seen two other guys who got 3.8 million.

    Soon man, soon..

    TC 4 here we come~! =D


    Pam said...

    I love Daytona USA!
    and CTR~

    lolz.didnt know u play CTR....

    Andrew said...

    ah.. the good old second player gun... so many shells have spit from the chamber by me.. ah.... chunted me!