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  • Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Park At Your Own Risk

    1st of all, I am so sorry for the super late update, sadly I will be updating late again.

    I will be leaving for Cameron Highlands on Friday morning and will be back on Sunday night.

    Hope to be able to update the following day or so.

    Anyway, I was taking a walk with Chong one evening, the two of us caught a sight of an old car that has been parked on that spot for a long time.

    But this time it looked a little different.

    Notice the broken glass on the floor?

    Those vandals/thief just can't leave the poor car alone.

    Dah la the car its old and paints falling off already, they just had to tear a part of it off only they satisfied wan...

    Thats not all, take a look at this, the owner of this jeep must felt very tulan after he seen his ride..

    Unlike the old car, they can't get in due to tempered glass.

    So they decided to "teach" the owner a lesson for buying such a high security vehicle.

    Save a few Ringgit, lose 4 lights + 2 side mirrors.

    Which style would you like your car to be "pimped" into?

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