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  • Friday, May 25, 2007

    Bukit Jalil Scouting Trip

    SK asked me to follow him on a trip to Bukit Jalil which his college so happen to be near there.

    The plan was, he had to get to know the route to college using public transport, in other word, its a "scouting mission".

    This was something I don't and will never understand.

    Why these people put a sign that is suppose to directs us to platform A, on platform B?

    Why cant they just put the sign showing platform A is platform A?

    By the way, platform A is just beside platform B, this is a small station by the name of "Chan Sow Lin" or something like that.

    They just had to make our poor brain suffer...

    One track, two trains.

    At last Bukit Jalil, after 2 hours.

    I wonder who still uses this building..

    Indeed, one of our national symbol other then KLCC.

    No, I am not talking about the stadium, but about our very own "teh-c-peng" river.

    Another thing I saw was a rather smart one.

    Normally I always see those pisang goreng sellers would get rid of those annoying flies by using candle, plastic cover,

    their hands, even up to a point where they gave up and just let those flies suck their bananas.

    Here is something we can learn.

    Use a broken fan, attach paper strips instead of blades.

    Wallah~ there you go..

    Malaysia boleh~!~halau lalat~!

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    OMG... SO obseen... "let those flies suck their bananas"... >.<'