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  • Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Aj Rafael Ft. Jesse Barrera - She Was Mine

    Hey guys~~

    A quickie for the day!

    To be honest, my motivation these days are really low, I just could not seem to focus much on my own studies,

    Let alone my blog updates.

    Nevertheless, from time to time, I would love to share some really nice songs, funny videos and etc.

    Recently I recalled a friend of mine introduced me a song long time ago.

    I decide to just pick up a tune or two on Youtube since I was looking for some new songs.

    And here is it!

    Simple lyrics and soothing melody, absolutely love it!

    Recently I had a strange liking to these kinda slow mellow songs with catchy tune at the back.

    I wonder why.. :P

    Till then, I hope things would be better soon for me and all of us who are not doing too well at this moment in time.

    Take care~


    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

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    chLoe said...

    HEY!!! i discovered it first!!! =P

    no la, you should check out the whole gang of them. they really make awesome music:

    ajrafael and jesse barerra.

    albert posis and mark mejia normally cover their songs.

    cathy nguyen, kat badar etc sometimes sing with them, they are like one whole group of friends on youtube =D

    awesome voices =)))