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  • Saturday, October 10, 2009

    March of The Flying Ants & Its Friends

    Good greetings!

    It has been 2 weeks of survival in the land below the wind.

    Things are starting to get better and I am getting more and more familiar with the lifestyle here.

    I am currently over at Joel's place at Luyang, KK.

    Road to Joel's house

    I've actually hand written a post on my note book, totally prepared to just type out everything and post it up.

    Apparently I forgot to bring my note book with me. :(

    Not to worry, nevertheless I shall just update a few memorable events here.

    Other then getting hit by the tail of the Manila typhoon which in return caused quite a few parts in KK (I assume) to black out and unending rain pour.

    I was down with food poisoning just 2 days ago, and thankfully I am well since yesterday!

    The experience was one of the worst in my life.

    Night view from his place

    Never once I vomited 5 times and shit 4 times in any food poisoning event.

    It was so bad, I beg God to take me back to heaven.

    Partly because of the ringing headache that just cannot go away.

    The pain was so agonizing, I couldn't sleep at all, thoughts run wild, I kept thinking that I will not make it back to West Malaysia alive, the chant of "I want to go home" kept ringing in my head.

    Monuments found in one of the catholic church

    I am serious! The effect of the pain can drive anyone up the wall.

    Finally, I could not take it anymore, I told myself I got to go to the doctor.

    To cut the story short, I got myself an injection in the ass to stop the headache and a hand full of medicine.

    I could barely walk after the shot, Lin Yin who accompanied me throughout the entire journey couldn't stop laughing at the way I was trying walking properly. :(

    A moment I was walking like a penguin, another moment like a pregnant lady (if I place my hands on my waist).

    And the rain made it worst, she was holding an umbrella while walking behind of me, and as the light shines,

    The shadow projected on the wall looked as if the Sultan of Melacca was strolling in pain with a kuli holding an umbrella behind of him..

    Nexus Karambunai's lobby

    Laughter in the mids of pain, boredom is definitely not the word to describe this training. I am sure there will be more yet to come! ;)

    Till then, I'll leave you guys with this piece, better hope I don't forget to bring my note book next week! Take care!

    1 comment:

    SK said...

    Everything is NOT alright back home. Unmanliness roam the streets, Lalas rely on sandpaper to wipe their faces and women are being more and more corrupted by the temptations of the warp!

    There is only so much one man can do to fend off wussyness. Return soon brother. For the world needs us.