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  • Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Long Live The Tang Emperor!

    Sabah has always been close to my heart, my 2 previous visitation 5/6 years ago has left a strong imprint in what I become today.

    I learned to take care of myself, sleep in sleeping bag, bath in the river and even shit in a toilet that don't have a flushing system. That is another story.

    This time round, I was more fortunate, due to the fact I came 2 days ahead of time. I checked myself into a hotel in Kota Kinabalu town - 'Tang Dynasty'.

    My room

    I am going to share a rather funny yet creepy story about the place I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.

    I checked in at Tang's on the 25th of September, the hotel is kinda nice, small but peaceful, its a 3 start if I'm not mistaken.

    So I took my key, room number 629. As soon as I reached the 6th floor, I walked out from the lift to look for my room, there was a sign showing room number what and walk to left or to right.

    I scan through that sign board.

    This is the sign on the 4th floor, I never took the one at 6th floor.

    Where is 629??

    My heart begins to beat... *dag dag dag* Imagination running wild, scenes if horror movies flashing in my head.

    I picked to walk along the sign that point towards 628, though it did not say 629 is over that side.

    Step by step I walked, pin drop silence echos the entire 6th floor, only the sound of the exhaust hood could be heard from the other end of the hallway.

    As I approach the end of the hallway, at the corners of my eyes, I caught 2 separate door openings, the creaking sound of the carpet gets louder as I am getting near to the end.

    This is not the 6th floor, its the 4th, the room at the right end there, is mine

    The 2 separate doorway turns out to be an opening into another 2 room, the feeling is like 2 rooms inside another room.

    Darn, it feels like a mortuary I tell you.

    I hold up my key card, the moment of truth.

    *teeeet teeeet*

    Invalid key card!

    I could not say how happy I was! I rushed down to the reception, put on a pitiful face, I told the receptionist, "can I change my room? I cant enter my room..."

    Bingo! Score 1~ Hence I changed to the 4th floor, and I don't have a trouble since then.

    Later did I know, Tang Dynasty hotel actually undergo a renovation and in the process an accident, a few of the workers died.

    And 629 was one of the new rooms after the construction.

    Shit, thank goodness the door was jammed!

    In addition to the horrors of Tang, I had 2 more friends whom are girls with me that time, they were in a different room on the 5th floor.

    One of them were in the shower, and one was watching TV, suddenly she heard someone calling her name.

    "Hannie... Hannie... Hannie"

    That was freaky when she told me the story later.

    Sabah indeed is a land filled with mystical elements, for those who had never been to Sabah, you got to come here someday.

    With that I shall leave you guys with this post for the week.

    Till then, more to come! ;)


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